Dr. Justin Hildebrand specializes in treating soft tissue disorders such as:

Pain Related to Pregnancy

As a women’s body changes due to pregnancy, many different soft tissue disorders can occur. Dr. Hildebrand has received specialty certification in treating disorders or pain associated with pregnancy from the Central Institute of Human Performance. A few pregnancy related disorders that Dr. Justin has successfully treated are:

      • Low back pain
      • Groin pain
      • Round ligament pain
      • Hip pain
      • Sciatica


Sports Injuries

Injuries associated with sports or having an active lifestyle are common in the most advanced athlete and in the weekend warrior. Most sports injuries have specific muscle imbalances in common. When one muscle is overactive or stronger than their counterpart ie: quads stronger than gluts, injury occurs due to over use or improper use. This is true for shoulder injuries in baseball/softball to recurring hamstring pulls. Discovering the weak link and reversing the muscle imbalance is step one in any sports injuring.


Knee Pain

Knee pain is one of the most under treated and over treated conditions in the medical field. Kansas City has one of the highest knee surgery rates in all major cities in the US. Dr. Hildebrand prides himself on preventing, stopping and postponing many knee surgeries. The knee relies on the ankle and the hip for twisting and side to side moments and the ankle and hip must be addressed to truly correct knee pain. A few successfully treated knee pain diagnoses by Dr. Hildebrand are:

      • Patella Femoral Pain Syndrome
      • IT Band Syndrome
      • Medial and Lateral Menicus
      • Chondromalacia Patella
      • Patella Tendinitis


Foot Pain

The foot maybe one of the most complicated structures of the body but it is also one of the most important.  Proper foot mechanics can disrupt the mechanics of the entire body. Whether the foot is flat/overpronated or high arched specific therapies are warranted. Rehabilitation and manual therapy to the feet can help reverse many disorders and injuries that occur. Dr. Hildebrand has successfully treated many foot disorders such as:

      • Plantar Fasciitis
      • Bunion Pain
      • Turf Toe
      • Achilles Tendinitis
      •  Metatarsalgia (ball of the foot pain)
      • Arch Pain


Disc Injuries

Disc bulges, herniations, or injuries can be debilitating but can be treated with conservative therapy. According to the Mayo Clinic 9 out of 10 disc herniations respond to conservative treatment. Conservative treatment consist of McKenzie exercises to decrease the radiating pain in the extremities, stability exercises to stabilize the area, and Active Release/Graston to treat muscle imbalances that lead to the herniation. Whether a cervical or lumbar herniation, Dr. Hildebrand can help you rid your pain and heal your disc.


TMJ (Jaw) Pain

Temporomandibular Joint is the most used joint in the body. We are constantly using the muscles of the jaw to speak and eat. Not to mention many people clinch their jaws when stressed and while they sleep. Treating the jaw with manual therapies and gentle mobilizations can help reduce Trigger Points and muscle tightness that can cause headaches, neck pain, and of course jaw pain.


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